Do you know why you can’t keep a man interested?


You have a brain... Use it to your advantage

You have a brain… Use it to your advantage

It’s because you’re keeping him interested in the wrong shit! I have three words for you…. MEN ARE SIMPLE. They’re goal in life is winning… trust me on this. They are only interested in what you’re willing to do with your “womanhood”. What keeps them around, you may think it’s how long you make them wait, or how good you are in bed, BUT IT’S NOT. So keep these three tips in mind.

1. Sex Is Very Stressful For Men – The reason why is because men know that they cannot sexually please a woman. Woman can take on over 5 penises and still be geared up for more. MEN CANNOT OUTLAST WOMEN. This makes for a fragile ego. And with a fragile ego, anything is possible.

2. It’s About YOU – It has always been about you, it always will be about you. It’s so funny because women don’t know their worth, they’re so busy trying to please the man, when it’s the man who is to be pleasing you. You don’t want to hurt his feelings but he has no problem fucking and splitting without a weeks worth of phone calls. Fuck Him. Either he makes you come first or he don’t get none, say that and watch what happens.

3. Don’t Let Him Win – When you are engaging in sex, particularly with an asshole who’s ego is bigger than his dick, don’t tell him to come…You tell him not to. You can make him come on command if you wanted to anyway. That’s a secret that is shared exclusively only in my e-book titled: The PhatGirl Manual.  Which is now available for download. Once you tell him to come, you have lost. And “An easy victory is worse than defeat”… That is how men think. Challenge the man and carry the leash.



Why Men Only Want Pussy

Ladies. Sometimes I sit at home all day waiting for the guy I’m dating to call me. He doesn’t call, he ignores my calls, he ignores my texts, and if I can catch him on a good day when he feels like talking, something cuts the conversation short and he doesn’t return the call. This seems to happen with most of the guys I date if not all. I didn’t understand what the problem was and figured I was doing something wrong.
Was I being too needy? Too emotional? Too “Phat”? Too available? I mean I figured that man for me would just understand that sometimes I get needy and emotional and just want him to be by my side during these hard times. I gave them the best of me in hopes of keeping him around. Some of you can relate to me on this some may not. I had great sex, great cooking skills, gave him money, not only to keep him around but to show him that I was going to stick around too, and also to show that I cared for him. I wanted to be that one who was there for him, you know?
I want to share with you some secrets I have found out about men. The strategies can be applied TODAY and you will notice immediate results.
The ebook I wrote will tell you how men operate, and how to conquer the man. When I say conquer, I mean how to make him submit to you, make him your bitch and stop being his. How to turn the tables on him…All of them. I’m tired of being played. You should be too.
I posted a link above where you can download the ebook. Since you cannot post links in personal ads, I had to separate it. Just take out the spaces in the link. Well wishes to you all.


This is the Go Phat Girl Blog. Where I talk mostly about our struggles with insecurities that tie into the struggles we experience with men. I explain ways to solve some of those problems.

So these guys you pick are assholes. You like assholes, that’s fine. They like PhatGirls because you provide, give great head, give them money or sex whenever they call, and they know you’ll be there when they call a few days maybe weeks later because they figure your self-esteem is so low, that you’ll still be there. When you finally get fed up, they’re on to the next PhatGirl. Yeah straight like that! That is my definition of a PhatGirl. You have to stop doing this to yourselves. Because in the process of trying to keep that man, you harm yourselves. Then YOU hurt after you’ve invested YOUR feelings into what could MAYBE be something? Do you realize that you allowed yourself to be treated like this though? Because the first step is admitting.

So join me in this discussion on how to have a better time as a PhatGirl. I will be sharing some empowering messages with you and some very secret information that most men would hate for you to know about them. So let’s shake some shit up. Even if you are not a PhatGirl by weight and are still a PhatGirl at heart, I would like to share this information with you, and maybe you can share some with me. I am not here to help you lose weight. So let’s leave those discussions to yourselves because I accept you all as you are.